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" I bought this Aura Air Purifier in July 2021 to install in my salon so that my clients can breathe in peace and also aesthetically look neat on the wall. Thanks Wemed Pharm"

Owner, Adeline Beauty & Spa

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Teo Khar Hoon, Homemaker

It helps to remove odor for my bedroom and also improve my sleep


Lim Yew Soon,
Sales Manager

Highly recommend this device if you're looking for indoor air protection for yourself & family but are not sure which to choose. Aura Air is definitely a device worth investing in. Have tried out other air purifiers prior to this, but none is as convincing as Aura Air. I have two little puppies at home and their furs are always everywhere in the air. Now that with Aura Air, the air is free from fur and smells fresh. For tech geeks like me, I love checking out the data captured, telling me the story of the air in my home. Best part is I get to control the device remotely from anywhere, literally. The cleaning & maintaining of the device is a breeze. Be sure to open up the pre-filter for surprises. Amazed by the amount of dust and bugs it can collect.

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Account Manager

Quality product and prompt service! I feel more alert after using it. The Apps is useful to check the air quality indoor and outdoor. 


Alex Tang, Consultant

The best air filtration, cleaning device! With different settings available for different people with a different profiles. Easy to set up. Changing of the filter is so easy without having to remove any screws




World's Smartest Air Management Platform

Aura Air Purifier uses a traditional Filter to trap the airborne virus and then three technologies, two of which are patented, to destroy the virus - the patented Copper impregnated RAY Filter, the patented Sterionizer and finally traditional UV-C light.  Each of these technologies was individually tested for their effectiveness against Coronavirus. 



Easy Maintenance

 Ray Filter consists of 3parts:

  1. HEPA : 99.98% Effective particle filter of 0.3microns

  2. Carbon Layer: Absorbs VOCs and bad odors

  3. Smart Copper Fabric: Smart Fabric consisting of a copper layer filter and filters viruses, bacteria, and more.



Best for travelling

The Aura Air Mini is a portable lightweight air purifier that provides effective personal space protection from harmful air pollutants using the scientifically proven Sterionizer™ ionization technology.

It is designed to release positive and negative ions to freshen up your indoor space and captures large particles, including dust, pollen, insects, animal fur, and more while generating safe Ozone emissions. 

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Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Vit B1 & Vit C.

Gingerol -the main bioactive compound in Ginger contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  Shikuwasa Lime contains high contents of Polyphenols. Vitamins B1 & C and other minerals.

Ways to consume, options are:

  1. Drink directly with 10ml concentrate.

  2. Mix 30ml concentrate with 200ml warm water

  3. Enhance your recipes with Ginger Juice.

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