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Dr K Shield Easystick inside the car? — your personal space, your personal protection.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has taught many people to adjust with the new normal. New normal ways of living the world with our love ones, with colleagues and so forth. We are glad to share to everyone - an awesome news! Dr. K Shield has developed a product that will help us kill the 99.9% of infectious viruses in the air. It uses a Chlorine Dioxide that kills these viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms on the air. This is called Dr. K Shield Easystick! It can be used in different applications: our personal cars/ vehicles, shoes room, toilet, or any room inside our house, etc. where there is an opportunity for the viruses and bacteria to thrive. It would be a great idea if many or all public transportation system will use this kind of health protection: on taxi/ cab, buses and MRT and even on the airplanes. Dr K Shield Easystick sterilizes, disinfects, & deodorizes in the air at enclosed space up to max 8cubic meter. Isn't brilliant invention?

For your confidence, this Dr K Shield Easystick got some worldwide health organization certifications. There is the US FDA, Korean FDA, in Japan, SGS and also approved by the World Health Organisations. Truly an awesome news to everyone this time pandemic. Let's fight Coronavirus, H1N1, other pathogens. In Singapore, this Dr K Shield Easystick is available at some pharmacies. You may contact WemedPharm at +65 82998555 for more information.

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