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Dr. K Shield Easystick - Now available at Grace Healthcare Pharmacy

Good news folks! Making another way to access the Dr. K Shield Easystick by the public, Wemed Pharm has brought in Dr.K Shield Easystick at the shelves of Grace Healthcare Pharmacy in Singapore. This product is proven to kill 99.9 % of infectious viruses in the air and harmful bacteria that thrive in many places of our surroundings that are invisible to the naked eye - truly another amazing product invention and developed this pandemic time to fight the risk of Coronavirus, H1N1 and other pathogens. This can be used to almost every space in the house, personal space in the car and even to public transportation. It sterilizes, disinfects and deodorises in the air at enclosed space up to 8 cubic meter maximum. Two good feature of the product is — Dr. K Shield Easystick produces Chlorine Dioxide that safely and effectively kills the infectious viruses in the air, and it can lasts up to 28 days of protection upon activating the Chlorine Dioxide content. Aside from accessing the Dr.K Shield Easystick online, find our products at all Grace Healthcare Pharmacy in Singapore. Visit them at the following branches and get your smart, convenient and easy protection!

Grace Healthcare Pharmacy:

  • Bukit Batok Central Blk 634 Bukit Batok Central #01-110 (Tel: 6565-3593) Business Hours: 9am - 9pm

  • New Upper Changi Blk 57A New Upper Changi Road #01-1380 (Tel:6446-5340) Business Hours: 8.30am - 9