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Travelling with EasyStick™ is travelling with confidence in times of COVID-19!

Coronavirus shouldn't stop and scare people from using different public transportation on this times of pandemic. Although the new normal offers the convenience of technology to many people remotely— there are still many things that are best and advisable to settle personally - that would require a personal meet up to effectively deliver and seal opportunities.

There are ways and solutions to deal and combat the infectious virus the 'easier' way and anybody can perform that does not require technical installations and knowledge conveniently. Of course aside from the basic ones that have been indoctrinated to everyone all the time such as washing hands, sanitising, disinfecting, social distancing and few more — and then, there is this from Dr.K Shield EASYSTICK™!

Dr.K Shield EASYSTICKis smart product invention that disperses chlorine dioxide which is harmless to human body at the concentration of 0.03 ppm. It effectively sterilize, disinfects and deodorise the air — killing about the 99.9% of infectious viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in the air (best at enclosed spaces of up to maximum of 8 cubic meter and EASYSTICKcan lasts up to 28 days!) Approved to be used in the US, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and endorsed by World Health Organization, and many health organization.

Upon mulling ideas with public transportation sectors — that plays a vital role in the society on people movement, Dr.K Shield EASYSTICK could also be incorporated to public safety system. EASYSTICKcan be used inside the airplanes, buses, cars and taxi, trains ( MRT), and so forth — since many people share their breathing spaces closely. This could be one of the most convenient, easy and smart way on how to deal with the risk acquiring the COVID-19. Once installed or simply sticked on any surface after activation, it immediately works on delivering its safety purpose, therefore annihilating the harmful viruses and their growth sources. Protect yourself — and never compromise your family's health. Aside from accessing the Dr.K Shield Easystick online, find our products at all Grace Healthcare Pharmacy in Singapore.

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