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Recover faster with Dr. K Shield EASYSTICK!

I have visited a family friend who was confined at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center (one of the premiere and trustable healthcare provider in Manila). To my surprise, I saw a Dr.K Shield Easystick activated inside her room. When I said activated, the yellowish liquid of Chlorine Dioxide inside the tube has turned yellow and doing its magic by killing all the 99.9% of infectious viruses, germs and bacteria into the air.

Truly a great consideration to put these smart air cleaners to be inside the healthcare facilities for people to recover faster. Then I talked to the nurse on duty more about it as pretending I do now know much about this wonderful product. It is just recently, that they have discovered this Dr. K Shield Easystick — perfect to every room inside the hospital as it added extra smart protection to a recovering patients who's are susceptible to the risk of viruses attack onto their immune system. Manual room and other facilities disinfection is a mandatory thing, but by including an EASYSTICK inside the patients room elevates the protection to patient's temporary personal space while recuperating - definitely making the space much more safer, cleaner and reliable. For people who still do not know about the product, Dr K Shield Easy Stick produces Chlorine Dioxide into the air that kills 99.9% infections viruses, bacteria and thriving germs. It's a great protection/ product against COVID-19 and H1N1 this pandemic. It disinfects, sanitise, and deodorize the air making it mush safer for all. This product works best in enclosed paces and can lasts up to 28 days. Approved by theh US and Korean FDA, other health organizations regulating health products including the endorsement of the World Health Organisations. Grab your Dr. K Shield Easystick today online, or find at all Grace Healthcare Pharmacy in Singapore.

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